Why pizza from La Strada?

La Strada is preparing for you pizza, pasta, salads, risotto and all other meals of italian cuisine only from the first-rate of fresh ingredients, imported right from the Apennines peninsula. When buying all the groceries, we put the emphasis on their freshness and high-quality.

You can enjoy our meals not only in Pizzeria La Strada but for your comfort we are able to deliver all to your home, to your work or possibly to another restaurant or place where you get an appetite for the original italian cuisine. Our „Pizza taxi“ delivers pizza and all other meals all around Brno and surroundings.
Our „Pizza taxi“ delivers pizza and all other meals all around Brno and surroundings.

When preparing pizza, we use only the genuine mozzarella made from cow milk, no ersatzs that are used by some „pizzerias“. The first-rate italian ingredients we take from stable caterer, that‘s why the stable quality of meals is guaranteed, considering original italian pizza, all kinds of salads, doner kebab or other italian specialties – e.g. lasagne, cannelloni, panini, the most famous italian dessert „tiramisu“.

The dought is prepared according to our receipt from still the same flour of high-quality. We do not practise any experiments on our customers. If you want to enjoy pizza with the feeling of knowing what you eat, pizza from La Strada is the right choice! We use the original italian ingredients which you can add to your pizza only in La Strada.

We have introduced the gluten-free pizza for infected by coeliac disease or Duhring dermatitis. From the gluten-free dought you will be able to order any kind of pizza with thickness of 33cm from our delivery menu or you will be able to create it in our pizza-configurator. In pizza configurator you will surely be able to create any kind of pizza right according to your momental appetite and mood.
Priorities of La Strada are:

We are doing all our best for your satisfaction! Our motto is: „When we come once, we want to return next time.“

+420 777 222 211
+420 777 222 211
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